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Cameras systems require more that simply pulling something out of a box and mounting to a wall or ceiling. Resolution, camera angle, night time visibility, and so much more go into a camera system that is truly beneficial. The is nothing worse than paying for a camera system and something happens but due to poor planning the cameras don't capture any beneficial footage. We see this all the time with client coming in looking for a better solution. There are dozens of types of cameras each with their specific purpose and strengths. We can design a system that allows cameras to work together and follow a target without interruption insuring that plenty of footage is captured that is useful.

But what if you don't want to wait until something does happen like a break-in or a vandalism. We can employ your cameras in combination with monitoring services to proactively monitor your property and should something be out of place the monitoring team can dispatch the proper response prior to the situation escalating.

At InHouse our camera systems come in all shapes and sizes from simply systems integrated into your security system and visible on your smartphone from anywhere to commercial systems that include hundreds of cameras over multiple sites all being proactively monitored.

Camera systems, when properly designed and deployed, can greatly improve the security of your property and give you a new level of piece of mind knowing that you have a second set of eyes looking out for you at all times.

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