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The best foundation of any project is a productive consultation. This process allows our clients the opportunity to review all our various products and services and allow us to align those with their project needs and wants. We work with our clients to detail the scope of the project and develop a general budget. Once this phase is complete all parties have a clear understanding of what is to be accomplished as well as pricing for the project as a whole.


Our design process combines skilled InHouse designers with industry resources to create detailed design plans for the projects meeting the specifications determined in the consultation process. It is during this stage that we insure that all systems we are specifying work together properly and no details are missed. Once this process is complete we have a detailed plan of what products will go into the project as well as how they will all be installed and programmed.


Installation is at the heart of where we come from. Our team has been installing systems for decades and we excel at timely, detail oriented work resulting in clean installs and systems that exceed expectation. We install every system we sell and our project managers work to keep projects on time and client informed of progress.

Remote Support

With many of our systems we offer remote support. This gives our clients a resource that they can rely on to assist them with any questions or issue that they may have. With certain systems, remote support takes a proactive approach and allows us to monitor our clients systems and should any issue arise we are able to take care of it before they even know there is an issue.

Service Plans

InHouse Systems institutes service plans with our clients on systems we have designed and installed. These plans are designed to give our clients a scheduled time that reoccurs regularly to come to their home or office and service their system. From clearing the dust off the equipment to updating firmware, InHouse service plans make sure that your system continues to function at the highest levels.

The Key to a Great Experience is Exceptional Service

InHouse Systems provides services to simplify the process of finding the right systems for your project, and then protect your investment through continued support insuring your system continues to work at the highest level for many years to come.

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